Elfa Bedroom Closet Makeover

Susan Stewart, Perfectly Placed

Once you begin installing the Elfa System in your closets and pantries, it’s hard to stop—creating a more functional, beautiful, and efficient space is so satisfying and addicting!

After already using the Elfa System from the Container Store to makeover our kitchen pantry and our linen closet, I decided to tackle the closet in my daughter’s bedroom. 

Before the design makeover, the closet setup had the basic single hanging rod and two shelves, which did not make for a good use of space. There were no drawers, a lack of proper shoe storage, and limited shelving, which was up high and made things difficult to reach. Because I am a consultant with The Container Store and regularly custom design these systems in their closets, pantries, and storage areas, I knew that using the Elfa System would dramatically improve this bedroom closet.

The first step in updating a closet space is removing the old closet system. You have to be careful during this process, and it is easy to tear up the drywall while removing the shelving. Have patience and remove the anchors carefully, rather than pulling them out quickly. Remember, you can donate the old shelving to a local Goodwill or sell them through Facebook Marketplace.

After removing the old shelving, patch the holes in the wall from the previous anchors. To make the closet look really nice, put on a fresh coat of paint before installing the Elfa System. We originally thought we could just paint over the patches until we realized we didn’t have matching paint, so we did the entire closet.

The Elfa System hangs on a top track which gets anchored into the wall. Be sure to hit as many studs as possible while also using the anchors in the spots you don’t have a stud. Once this is attached, you hang the standards, which will eventually hold the shelves and drawers. We don’t go into all of the details of installing the system. Still, from watching this video, you get a general idea of the process and see the amazing difference it makes in making a closet efficient, organized, and beautiful.

The final result had three rods instead of one and four drawers and four pull-out shoe shelves that are a great use of space.

A few final tips for organizing your closet:

  • Get matching hangers. This will give nice clean lines and make the space much more attractive and pleasant.
  • Organize clothes by color. This adds another beautiful element to your closet and helps you find what you are looking for.
  • Use a quality closet system.

 Are you ready to design a custom closet, or declutter and organize another space in your home? Contact us today to get started.