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Professional Organizing Services for St. Louis, Missouri

We want our homes to be calm and restful.

And we want to spend time on things that matter while connecting with those we love. But life is full of long work days, unexpected road blocks and every day challenges. It is these things that fill our time and keep us from getting what our hearts long for—a place to rest.

The added frustration of a cluttered kitchen counter or not being able to find the car keys, a cooking utensil or our child’s tennis shoes can cause us to feel like a failure in our own home.

At Perfectly Placed we will eliminate the clutter, set up systems and find the perfect place for everything in your home so that you can focus on what matters most.

“As a working mom I understand the challenges that busy mothers face and offer solutions to manage every day demands. That’s why I began Perfectly Placed in 2004 and developed a three-step process to eliminate clutter and restore calm and order to your home.”

Susan Stewart
Owner & Professional Organizer
St Louis, Missouri

“What Perfectly Placed did was life changing. My friends also thought it was incredible and worth much more than their fee.” — Joyce

“With Perfectly Placed we accomplished more in 3 hours than I had done in 2 years.” — Patti

“I am so proud of the way my home has and is becoming organized. It has made a world of difference and well worth the cost!” — Peggy

You can begin getting organized today by taking these easy steps:

Call 636-686-0048

Talk with a professional organizer about the organizational challenges you face and your vision for a clutter-free environment.

Choose a Package

Together we will select a professional organizing package that best fits your vision and your needs to get the job done.

Schedule an Appointment

We schedule a time with you, show up, and get to work implementing our 3-step organizing process and begin making your home clutter free!

Tired of the clutter and chaos?
Hire a professional organizer to guide you
through the process of organizing your home today.

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