Organizing Deep Dive

Organized Mind + Organized Space

Creating More Space in Both Mind and Home

Feeling overwhelmed doesn’t need to keep you from getting organized. Combining the expertise of a professional organizer and a licensed counselor, we take a deep dive into the issues that cause clutter in order to create more space in your heart, mind, and home.

Professional Organizer Susan Stewart

Susan Stewart

Professional Organizer

Susan has been helping people organize their homes since 2005.

Professional Counselor Travis Stewart

Travis Stewart

Professional Counselor

Travis has been offering counseling and coaching services since 2003.

Resources to Help you Organize Your Life

Life can feel chaotic, maybe now more than ever. If we are not intentional about it, clutter will build up in our hearts, our minds, and our homes. Sometimes it’s just good to get some outside perspective from someone who understands what you are going through. Professional Organizer, Susan Stewart has been organizing homes since 2005 with a relentless passion to help people get rid of clutter and create more peaceful spaces. Travis Stewart has been professionally counseling clients since 2003 with an expertise in compulsive behaviors. Together, they address topics on mental, physical, and organizational health. Enjoy our resource library of videos below as we talk about decluttering your mind and your home. 

Resource Library

1. Organizing Deep Dive – Intro

4. Organizing & Anxiety, Part 2

7. Sleep & Productivity

2. Holiday Clutter

5. Getting Better Sleep

3. How Organizing Helps Anxiety

6. Sleep Tips for Parents

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