Professional Organization Services

A professional organizing company serving the St. Louis Metro Area

Because all of life gets messy, we offer a full range of organizing services.

Whether it’s wasting time searching for a misplaced item at the office, tripping over toys on the staircase or searching for a lost bill, disorganization and clutter is frustrating. With a team professional organizers, we will sort, prioritize and organize your belongings so that life flows more smoothly and you can spend time on what’s most important to you.

Moving & Unpacking Services

Professional movers are greater for moving stuff, but not so great at unpacking; they simply unpack boxes and leave your belongings on flat services. At Perfectly Placed Organization & Design, our team of professional organizers will not only unpack your household items, but  put them away in a logical location. Combined with an organizing package, your new house will not only feel like a home, but a beautifully organized one! 

Home Organizing Services

Home should be a place to rest and relax. That’s difficult to do with clutter on the kitchen counter and laundry piled on the floor. Not only will we help you clean up the mess, but we will help you put systems in place so things don’t get so messy in the first place. We can organize single spaces like the kitchen or master bedroom or work with you to get the entire house in order.  

Business Organizing

Creating an efficient and organized workspace not only makes for a nicer work environment, but can save money, increase productivity and improve employee morale. Our team of professional organizers will work with your team to refine systems, declutter storage closets and create organized spaces so your business can thrive.

Closet Design

In partnership with The Container Store, we provide closet design for both home and office. Contact us and we will arrange a consultation to measure and design the perfect space for you using the Elfa, Avera and Laren Closet Systems offered by The Container Store. 

Organized kitchen

Ready to Get Organized?

Choose either a 60-minute consultation for $125 to review one or two spaces, or the 90-minute consultation for $175 to review your entire house. We charge for the consultation at the time of booking.

Your consultation will include:

  • A walk-through of your space or spaces
  • An assessment of the problems you are encountering
  • Developing a vision for your space or spaces
  • A discussion of the obstacles you will need to overcome
  • A conversation of the effects organization will have on your future
  • An action plan
  • A recommended package to best fit your needs

Call 636-686-0048 to schedule your consultation today.  

Home & Office Packages

See special pricing for garages and basements in next section.

Garage & Unfinished Basement Packages

Please note that we do not organize garages when the outside temperature is below 50 degrees or above 90 degrees.