Space-Saving Solutions for Small Living Spaces

Susan Stewart  |  May 30, 2024

Whether you’re residing in a cozy apartment in Minneapolis, MN, a rental home in Overland Park, KS, or a compact studio in Springfield, MO, the art of space-saving is essential for creating a comfortable and functional environment. From clever storage solutions to strategic furniture arrangements, navigating limited square footage requires creativity and ingenuity. Check out this ApartmentGuide article we were featured in for 17 Creative Space-Saving Solutions and Storage Ideas for Your Cozy Space.

St. Louis area Professional Organizer Susan Stewart of Perfectly Placed Organization & Design was recently included in an article for

In this article, Susan and other organizing and design experts shared valuable insights on how to make the most of small spaces without sacrificing beautiful design. From purging items you don’t need or use, to utilizing vertical space and opting for smaller furniture, this article is a great resource for those with limited budgets or living in cities with sky-high rents.

Susan recommends using space that often goes unnoticed. “Struggling with limited storage in a small bathroom? Utilize the back of the door with an organizing system like the Elfa from The Container Store, featuring versatile baskets perfect for towels, bath toys, and other essentials. You can find options in various sizes that offer customizable storage solutions to optimize your space.”

Minimizing your belongings, using mirrors to create more visual space, and setting routines are other recommendations found in the article to help you achieve a neat and orderly space.

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