Items to Leave Behind When Moving Long-Distance

Guest Author: Melissa Duncan  |  September 20, 2022

Moving is physically and emotionally draining, and if you’re in for a long-distance move, this is especially true. But your move can be made much easier if you get rid of some things. We’ve asked moving and organizing experts for advice, and here is the list of items to leave behind when moving long-distance.

Five items to leave behind when moving long-distance

Your long-distance move to Missouri will be challenging. You must pack, make new living arrangements, and find reputable movers to help you get to your new home. However, before you go into logistics and reach out to a team that can handle it, let’s focus on decluttering and packing. You’ll be thanking us when the time to unpack and settle into your new home comes.

Woman carrying several boxes and moving away from a pile of boxes

Long-distance moving can be less stressful if you leave some unnecessary items behind.

1. Clothes

Many of us buy piles of new clothes, picking up new trends and taking advantage of bargains. You likely have more than you need and wear, so rather than packing your entire closet, take some time to declutter. You’ll find plenty of pieces you can donate or sell online.

2. Old documents and papers

Paper is a typical cause of clutter. Chances are there are piles of old documents and bills you’ve been putting off dealing with. But now that you’re about to move, you no longer have an excuse to keep piling unnecessary documents and papers. So, take your time to go through those huge piles and eliminate anything you no longer need. Or, better yet, focus on other aspects of your move while leaving pros from home organizing services to deal with your clutter.

3. Bathroom clutter

The bathroom is another room in your home where clutter accumulates. Before you know it, your drawers are crammed with makeup, combs, brushes, and many items you probably forgot you had. So, before you pack them, check if you need them. 

4. Furniture

Big, clunky furniture like chairs, couches, and tables can be challenging to move. Is it vital to bring such large items? You lower the cost of our move by donating or selling some of your heavy pieces.

5. Appliances

No matter how close or far you’re relocating, large appliances such as refrigerators and washing machines are a hassle to transport. There is always an advantage to leaving old appliances behind or selling them locally before your long-distance move to Missouri.

Unpacking and settling into your new home will be much quicker if you declutter before your move.

Final thoughts

We hope our list of items to leave behind when moving long-distance makes your relocation simpler. You can also hire unpacking and moving services to help you. You can let the excitement about your new beginning in while professionals deal with the tedious tasks for you.


Melissa DuncanMelissa Duncan is a full-time mom of four lovely girls and a part-time content writer at She currently lives in Missouri; however, they are often forced to move due to her husband’s job. As Melissa knows how moving (especially with a big family) can be stressful, she loves sharing valuable tips in her posts. She loves playing with her daughters and spending quality family time with them in her spare time.