We unpack your stuff and make moving easier.

Moving and Unpacking Services in St. Louis, Missouri

Moving is stressful. We can help.

Research shows that moving into a new house can be more stressful than relationship problems, divorce or finding a new job. With our Moving and Unpacking Services in St Louis, we will reduce that stress.

Our services help you sell your current home

Decluttering a home makes it appear larger and is one of the most important things you can do to prep for your move. Homes that have been decluttered receive offers 10-15% higher than cluttered homes. Additionally, decluttering before a move will save you time and money on moving expenses and unpacking. 

Our approach to unpacking your house

Unpacking is a daunting task. Deciding where and how to store things is overwhelming. Now add to that arranging furniture, designing new closets and hanging pictures and artwork so your new home feels like “home”.

Perfectly Placed takes the weight off your shoulders by doing all those things for you. Utilizing the unique nature of our Moving and Unpacking Services in St Louis , we will unpack your boxes, organize your belongings, design your closets (if needed), arrange your furniture and hang smaller pictures and artwork for you. Within a matter of days, your house can look like a home.

How does it work?

Before we start on any Moving and Unpacking Services in St Louis, we begin with a one hour consultation ($100) and do a walkthrough of your new home, prioritizing the order of your unpack and asking questions which provide us with valuable information for organizing your home.

Finally, we will recommend which package will best fit your needs. Should you decide to purchase a move in package, we will schedule the dates for our team of 3 to unpack and organize your new home.

Move-in and Unpacking Packages

Mini move in: 18 man hours  $1350 (1 six hour day with 3 organizers)

Mid-size move in: 36 man hours $2500 (2 six hour days with 3 organizers)

Massive move in: 54 man hours $3500 (3 six hour days with 3 organizers) 

See our organizing and decluttering packages

Call Today

Give us a call at 636-686-0048 and we can discuss your specific move and time frame. We will help you with deciding what services are best for you and set up a walk-through. Let the weight of your move fall on us.

Let the weight of your move fall on us.

I think much of Susan’s success is her ability to figure out what you want and what you will need in order to get and stay organized.  Tana


Susan takes the time to listen and truly helps you get things organized… She talks with you to help you understand the reasoning behind the organization and it helps you get back on track. Crystal

Working Mom

Susan really cares about the success of your business and works towards achieving that goal. Ethan


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