Professional Home Organization

A professional organizing company serving the St. Louis Metro Area

The average American woman spends 55 minutes a day looking for things.

That is 55 minutes of time you don’t have because you are already stretched to the max. Imagine if you could find what you were looking for because your home was organized and clutter free. Then you would have time to spend on what’s important to you.

That’s where a professional organizer steps in. We’ll discuss with you the obstacles you are facing and how we can help remove them. We’ll listen to your vision for your space and then recommend where to begin in order to organize that space.

While we are working along side you, we’ll be coaching and teaching you how to make decisions and stay focused on the tasks in front of you. Together, we’ll set up systems to give everything in your house a “home”.


Our approach to professional organizing

Our residential professional organizing services cater specifically to individuals who want a hands-on approach and need someone to come along side to walk them through a difficult process.

You may have already bought all of the books on organizing and the containers you need but have neglected to make it happen. You need a coach to break down the process and get you through it. This is what we do.


We partner with you in organizing your home

We also take a look at the deeper issues surrounding the clutter. Maybe you struggle with ADD or get distracted easily. Perhaps you have difficulty in delegating tasks to other members of the family. Or, you may feel incredibly guilty letting go of things. Whatever the case, we’ll get to the bottom of it and get you past your stuck points, because we know it is in understanding these obstacles that real change takes place.

Call 636-686-0048 and talk with us about the organizational challenges you face. Together we will select a package and then schedule a time to get to begin implementing our 3-step organizing process!

You want a home that is calm and restful. Hire a professional organizer today.

Our goal is to provide organizing services that help you achieve
an ordered home so you can rest.

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