5 Reasons You May Be Organized At Work But Not At Home

Susan Stewart  |  June 26, 2024

Hand holding a notebook

Clients often tell me they are organized at work but struggle to stay organized at home. Let’s explore some of the contributing factors to this scenario.

Systems Are in Place at Work

Many workplaces, such as hospitals, already have established systems. Here, you’re maintaining these systems rather than creating them. At home, without such systems in place, you may lack the skills or time to set them up.

Schedule Constraints

At work, you likely have dedicated time to tidy your desk or organize tasks. You can make phone calls, manage your schedule, and tidy up. At home, however, you may lack the same time or prioritize other tasks like relationships, hobbies, or parenting over organization.


At work, you may organize because it’s part of your job and you have colleagues or supervisors to impress. At home, with no external pressure or financial incentive, tasks like cleaning or organizing can fall by the wayside.


After work, managing responsibilities at home—such as children’s needs and household chores—can lead to physical and decision fatigue. Making organizational decisions becomes overwhelming amidst other demands.

Sense of Responsibility

Work projects often involve teams, where tasks are shared. At home, particularly for many women, there can be a sense that everything falls on them, making it challenging to delegate without established systems and support.

The good news is, this situation can change! Hiring a professional organizer to help establish systems at home can bring the same level of organization you have at work, if not better. Imagine having more time, efficient systems, and the ability to delegate tasks at home. Creating a team effort in managing household responsibilities can bring more peace and enjoyment to your life. Let’s work together to make this happen!

Photo by Marissa Grootes on Unsplash