How To Defeat Your Clutter Crisis This Year

There’s nothing worse than starting your day in a closet stuffed with clothes and nothing to wear. Or having a kitchen counter so overflowing with papers you can never find the one that you need. Just once you’d really like to sit down and have a real meal instead of carting the family through a Drive-Thru for the third time this week.

Remember when you had time to do fun things and hang out with friends? You’d love to reconnect with some of your friends, maybe even have one over but you would never bring someone into the house the way it looks now! If only all of the STUFF would just disappear… This isn’t the way you had imagined adulthood.

Perfectly Placed has created a program to make that STUFF disappear! We’re here to teach you simple strategies of letting go and setting boundaries so you can keep the clutter away and have time to do the things you enjoy again. We’ll give you the freedom you need to invite people into your home without embarrassment and get you out of “crisis mode.” We’ve spent 9 years working with women and perfecting these methods and we know how to get you from where you are now to a balanced and satisfying life again.

Here are just SOME of the many benefits you can expect from our Piecing it Together program.

  • Getting rid of the clutter
  • Increased feeling of control and accomplishment
  • Letting go of guilt
  • Increased energy
  • Being able to entertain again
  • The ability to relax in your own home
  • Finding things easily
  • Planning and preparing healthy meals quickly
  • Sharing the responsibilities of running the home instead of doing it alone
  • Knowing what you can delegate and how to simplify the things you do

Here’s what people are saying about Piecing it Together:

    This program has helped me stay on task with my organizing goals! Specific instructions in the tutorials motivate me to GET IT DONE!! Thank you Susan for also being there via email to answer a quick question when I get “stuck”!! —Judy Brennan, Poway, CA

    Your program is amazing! Thank you! I have been doing little tasks all along the way this year from your e-mailings that have been adding up to wonderful successful feelings of accomplishment. It is truly amazing how much more time you have when your are able to clean up after a task, then put items that were used back into their places; when there is a designated place! —Donna Ingham, Glen Allen, VA

We want you to experience this success too so we’re offering you our Piecing it Together program for $29 a month or $300 for the year. As a member of this program you will receive:

Partnering alongside you to achieve one organized space in your home a month. You carry a lot of weight on your shoulders and that’s why we’re here to share the burden with you. We’ll get your organized so your load will be lighter.

Invaluable direction and content to get you organized. Each month we’ll send you articles, videos and a tutorial specifically focused on the space you are working on to set you up for success.

Effective tools to help you set goals and track your progress. We’ll provide you with goal sheets and victory journals for you to fill out and return to us so you will stay motivated.

Creative solutions to your organizing obstacles. With 9 years of experience in working with women one on one, we’ve got the answers you need to solve your problems.

Encouragement you need to keep going. No one can do it alone. We need someone to cheer us on and to pick us back up when we are tired. Our bi-monthly updates and quotes will give you the optimism and encouragement you need to keep you moving forward.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish this year:

  • January: Command Center & Entryway
  • February: Files
  • March: Bathroom & Linen Closet
  • April: Garage/Basement/Attic
  • May: Photos & Memorabilia
  • June: Laundry Room & Routines
  • July: Bedroom & Closet
  • August: Meal Planning
  • September: Living Room/Family Room/Media Room
  • October: Fridge, Freezer & Pantry
  • November: Holiday Planning
  • December: Goal Setting & Life Balance

Each tutorial alone is valued at $29 but as a Piecing it Together member, you’ll also receive articles, videos, goal sheets, accountability and encouragement. We are so certain of your success in this program that we are offering a 30 day “100%, No Questions Asked, Guarantee”

If you’re tired of living in crisis from one day to the next, are sick of your clutter, want to entertain again and desire a more simplified life, this is your chance! There’s a better and more satisfying way to live.

Get Started Today with one of these payment options:

Get the entire year for $300 (save $48)

Pay $29 monthly

Your credit card will be automatically charged each month for 12 months. This is a full-year commitment. If you choose to not utilize the entire year you will still be charged for the full 12 months. You will need a PayPal account for this payment option. Click on the subscribe button to set up your account and monthly payments.

If you are interested but not quite ready to commit contact us by phone at 623-202-9199 or email.