Life Balance Coaching

Better Life Balance & Life Satisfaction

You work hard at the office and you work hard at home. Sometimes it feels like all you do is work.

Or maybe you feel shame about not completing tasks and think you are unmotivated. You are NOT unmotivated, but rather lack the understanding of WHAT motivates you.

If you are suffering from “mom burnout” or can’t seem to get yourself into a routine that works for you, then life balance coaching is for you. It is a step beyond organizing your time and home. It is about understanding the way you think and knowing what motivates you.

Life Balance Coaching Sessions

In our sessions, we will help you to organize your life, learn to delegate and have better life balance. During our time together, you will become crystal clear on who you are, what you value and how you spend your time.

Over the course of 10 sessions we will identify the obstacles you are facing and teach you how to prioritize, establish goals, and create strategies that work for you.

This will not only make you more organized and productive, but will ultimately bring you better life satisfaction.

10 Sessions to Bring More Balance

Our Life Balance Coaching sessions will cover the following topics:


  • Session 1 – Knowing Who You Are
  • Session 2 – Knowing What You Value & Where You Spend Your Time
  • Session 3 – Knowing Where You Need More Balance
  • Session 4 – Knowing How to Prioritize & Delegate
  • Session 5 – Knowing Your Goals & What Systems Work Best For You
  • Session 6 – Drainers & Energizers
  • Session 7 – Motivators & Productivity Secrets
  • Session 8 – Bringing it All Together & Wrapping Up
  • Sessions 9 and 10 – These optional sessions are used to address specific problem areas of your choice.

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